What’s Keeping You From Your Happiness?

The majority of men start to notice thinning hair or a receding hairline in their twenties. But even though mail hair loss is incredibly common, it can still be very distressing and negatively affect confidence. The experts at a top-rated hair transplant clinic in Berhampur, The Artmeis Medicare explore the psychological impact of balding and what to do if you are losing your confidence along with your tresses.

By the age of fifty, ½ of all men will have evident hair loss. By the age of sixty, it will have an effect on around 2/3rd’s. The majority of men, as a result, will at some point in their life, have hair loss.

It is so common, in fact, going bald could be considered a normal part of being male. It is actually more unusual not to go bald. Yet regardless of how frequent male pattern baldness is, it leads to untold anguish and distress to men. It is strongly linked to the development of depression, anxiety, and poor self-image.

Bald Strokes?

Of course, a lot of men are capable of embracing their thinning hair. Simply look at Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. A few guys take on a close-shaved look and frame it in terms of proof of their manliness and masculinity. Good for them. For the ones who struggle to accept the change and grieve over their hair loss, there is a multi-billion industry that promises and delivers the best results with a professional treatment.

You can reach out to a specialist for hair loss treatment in Berhampur – The Artmeis Medicare – where you will get the most promising services and solutions to help grow your hair.

There is no magical pill but you can get a miracle surgery to reverse hair loss. Finasteride can actually cause re-growth of hair in men who take it professionally and correctly, with it simply slowing the rate of loss for most. It is known to provide more than 65% improvement in hair loss over six months. No matter hair transplants and grafts have limitations and are expensive, but they have been proved to deliver the most promising results to the majority of people.

There are a few experts that even recommend men who are struggling with going bald see a clinical psychologist to have a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to deal with their distress and help them to change their thinking regarding their hair loss. Even though it sounds unlikely, however, it actually does work wonders.

Worries about hair loss often get bound up with other concerns regarding our bodies and feed into insecurities regarding our looks or low confidence. Single men often worry that they will not at all find a partner, and the ones with a partner worry that as they lose their hair their partners wills stop finding them attractive.

Are you also amongst the ones who are in search of a specialist hair doctor in Berhampur to get rid of hair loss? Do not miss to book an appointment with the ones at The Artmeis Medicare!

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